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Provides a powerful Antioxidant Protection for Eyes, Skin and Cardiovascular System. AstaPure brand Astaxanthin supplies a naturally occurring complex from the whole algae discovered to have, in addition to the superb Astaxanthin highly potent activity as an antioxidant, a mitochondrial function benefit. 6,000 times more effective at neutralizing singlet oxygen free radical thanVitamin C, Astaxanthin helps inhibit the formation of lipid peroxide free radicals. Lipid peroxides damage arterial walls, and play a role in the onset and progression of cardiovascular disease. Helps to isolate lipid peroxides within the phospholipid membrane of cells, which preserves their structure and function. Helps prevent oxidative damage to the eyes, central nervous system, skin,cardiovascular system, and many other tissues. Supports skin health by helping to prevent UV oxidative damage to skin cells. Helps increase cholesterol and lipid metabolism in liver cells.


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